Wilgenhofs Vineyard & Our Wines

Cultivars presently grown and used in the production of the various Wilgenhof wines consist of:

  • REDS - Merlot, Shiraz and Ruby Cabernet
  • WHITES - Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc and Colombard


Production preparation begins in the vineyards when the vines are pruned and trellised during their growth phase to deliver optimum berries for the wine making process.

Nightime temperatures during the harvest period average night time temperatures of 18°c. Grapes are harvested in the early morning to maintain cool temperatures and are transported directly to the cellars for the next production phase where the bunches are destalked. Crushed berries and juice are placed in fermentation tanks where temperatures are kept constant and may range between 18°c to 28°c. A minimum of chemicals are used in the production of Wilgenhof wines.

After the fermentation period, samples are sent to a laboratory where extensive analytical tests are performed in order to establish quality and various chemical levels present in the wine.

After this process, the wine is pumped into American and French oak vats where it is left to mature for 6 to 12 months before being bottled and labelled by hand. Once bottled, the wine is left to complete maturity in the bottles.

Wilgenhof wines are not filtered during the bottleing process to prevent any loss of the rich, full flavour of the wines.

Gideon and Vere Van Zyl believe that a minimum of chemicals be used in the production of their exclusive wines. They envisage an organically certified Shiraz within the next 3 years of production!

Wilgenhof is a small and exclusive family orientated business and Gideon and Vere aim to keep it this way. All family and staff members of the Wilgenhof estate are involved in the production of each and every bottle of fine Wilgenhof wine. It doesn't get more hands-on than this.

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGEEarly morning harvesting & transport of grapes to the cellar
Early morning harvestPruning takes place in the winter months
Pruning Destalking & Pressing
Destalking & PressingGideon pumping wine into tanks
Pumping into fermentation tanksFermentation tanks
Fermentation process beginsFermentation
The whole famiy is involved in the wine makeing processBottling & labelling
Bottling & Labelling of the wine

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