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WILGENHOF ESTATE originated from the first farms in the Olifants River Valley which was "loaned" to Pieter Van Zyl in 1732 and has remained in the Van Zyl family to date.

Realising the potential of this fertile valley in which WILGENHOF lies, Gideon Van Zyl together with his wife Vere began making their exclusive wines in 2000 in what was originally an old horse stable. They began the restoration of the old building at the same time as the first wines were laid to mature in American and French Oak vats which were left undisturbed on top of the original feeding troughs of the stable.

Gideon and Vere hold their staff close to their hearts and give credit to these wonderful and loyal folk who together with them waited anxiously for their very own first wines.

Merlot, Shiraz & Country Cuisine

With trepidation and anticipation the day finally dawned for WILGENHOF to begin bottling her first Merlot and Shiraz ever produced. A huge success for both the velvet soft and fruity Merlot and the spicy deep red Shiraz. Good news travels fast and before long the entire production of 3000 bottles of Merlot and 3000 Shiraz were spoken for.

During 2002, whilst entertaining friends at Wilgenhof, a blend of Shiraz and Merlot with a touch of Caberbet Sauvignon was conceived. Today known as Wilgenhof Stable Wine (so named after the converted stable where it is matured & bottled), this has become a firm favorite with those in the know.

As a result of the resounding success with the first reds, Wilgenhof will concentrate on these for the immediate future although there are plans afoot to introduce whites into the range as the area is extremely conducive to crisp, light whites, popular in the valley. Gideon and Vere expect production to increase to around 10 000 bottles for the new season and already there have been enquiries from those in the know, so to avoid missing out on these superb wines, visit WILGENHOF and indulge in fine wine and country cuisine with Gideon and Vere Van Zyl.

Young vineyardsBottleing & labelling is done by hand in the cellar
Bottling in the cellarDelicious seafood "potjie"
Delicious Seafood "Potjie"A beautiful table setting ready for you
Delicious Country CuisineWelcome log fire in the Winter months
Enjoy our fine wines at a crackling winter fire

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